Family Therapy


A family is like a human body. When one part hurts, the rest of the system feels pain. Some families develop patterns of avoidance to help individuals deny the pain. Some families resort to pain avoidance by participating in addictive behaviors. These are a few of the solutions that are commonly referred to as “dysfunctional.” Such dysfunctions complicate the problems. Finally, someone calls out from within the family, desperate for real solutions.

Our therapists are extensively trained in therapeutic intervention for families. A family is optimally designed to be a safe place for its members. Our work with families brings them back to that point of safety. The dysfunction is no longer needed.

It is not unusual that we initially see the person who is crying out for help for their family. If it is at all possible we hope that the whole family can participate. However, if that is not possible we help the person with whom we are working to both understand their experience with their family of origin, and examine that individual’s role in their present family.

People frequently replay the dramas of their past in an effort to change them. We assist in the work to move past this vicious circle to a life of free of ineffective or even destructive patterns.

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