Individual Therapy


In these United States, individualism is encouraged. However, anyone who struggles with isolation, depression, and anxiety will tell you that individualism does not promote healthy living. No human can really live life alone—it does “takes a village.” In a healthy community people really know each other. They accept each other authentically. They encourage one another, lovingly correct each other, and walk with each other through the most difficult of times.

The therapists at Intermission Therapies do not judge. Clients feel comfortable to share their fears or inadequacies. These are discussed in confidence and anonymity. A sense of significance emerges. This is followed by the courage to return to the support network, or “village” from which a person has been isolated.

A significant body of research suggests that when individuals make personal progress, their family or work environment will happily shift to accommodate these positive changes and newly discovered competence. Intermission therapists assist in identifying how a support system of family and friends may have influenced an individual’s identity from the past and contributed to present self-beliefs. An increased sense of personal identity provides limitless future possibilities.

It takes courage and tenacity to go through the therapeutic process, and most people experience focused self-awareness. They then transition to a sense of significance and greater clarity interacting with the world around them.

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